ZINCROKOTE® is a zinc flake anticorrosion coating using waterbased chemistry. Derived from reference technologies developed by NOF METAL COATINGS, it is applied in 2 coats and meets corrosion resistance requirements up to 400 hours in salt spray test.

Coating with metallic silver appearance consisting of :

  • basecoat coat + 1 topcoat coat
  • Thin dry film, non electrolytic
  • Water-based chemistry
  • Free from hexavalent and/or trivalent chromium, nickel and cobalt
  • Passivated zinc and aluminum flakes in a binder

Characteristics and performance

  • Adjustable coefficient of friction thanks to PLUS®– family topcoats
  • Performance maintained at elevated temperatures (up to 300°C)
  • Electrical conductivity for most application
  • Bimetallic compatibility with aluminum
  • No hydrogen embrittlement
  • Paintable coating
  • Average thickness: 6 pm
  • Salt Spray Test (ISO 9227)
    • 72 hours without white rust
    • 400 hours without red rust