Dacromet, Dacromet and Geomet

DACROMET is technologically advanced and environment friendly and is being used in many industries throughout the world, such as Automobile, Engineering, Electrical Appliances, Shipping, Railways, Mining, Process Industry, Military etc. since a very long time. Various types of Top Coat is also available and done over Dacromet coating to control COF values and enhance corrosion resistance. We are pleased to appraise you that we are doing “Dacromet” zinc flake coating with Dip-spin/Spray process at Ludhiana.



Zinc Aluminium coatings is a combination of zinc and aluminium flakes which are infused together by an inorganic matrix. Zinc Al Flake coating technology can be a direct replacement of Electrolytic (Electroplating) and Galvanic (Hot Dip Galvanizing) coating finishes in respect of enhanced corrosion properties, Hydrogen Embrittlement free, longer coated product life and environmental friendly nature during its application processing.

Due to ability to perform well with coatings of minimal thickness, Zinc flake coating concept has become most widely used for screws and fasteners in the automotive industry. While corrosion control is the first objective, this coating also possesses design features enabling controlled and repeatable coefficients of friction, increased lubricity, improved conductivity, resistance to heat and other features, all of which impart extended life and improved performance to the coated part.


  • It is water based therefore low HAP (Hazardous Air Pollution), Low VOC (Volatile Organic Content).
  • Chrome-free coating
  • Co-efficient of Friction control from 0.08 to 0.20
  • No Hydrogen Embrittlement
  • Dimensional accuracy
  • Silver and Black colour finishes
  • Zinc & Aluminium Flakes offer cathodic corrosion protection
  • Suitable for applications in Marine, Industrial, Humid, Coastal Environments.


  1. Environment-friendly – Chrome free, water based chemicals resulting under environmental regulations taken up by the Government of India and other western countries. GEOMET® is ELV,WEE and RoHS compliance
  2. Excellent corrosion resistance – Salt spray life (SST) 500-1500 hours as per requirement
  3. No Hydrogen Embrittlement – making it suitable for High Tensile Components.
  4. High heat resistance – properties are sustained upto about 300 degree celcius making it suitable for components used in heat generating areas like engines of automobiles.
  5. Excellent Adhesion over Zinc Phosphate, Zinc and Zinc alloy plating.
  6. Resistance to chemicals – Have good resistance against Acids, Alkalis, Cleaners, Oil, Gasoline
  7. High Corrosion Protection – Compared to electrolytically deposited zinc or zinc alloy coatings
  8. Threaded Components – No retapping of threaded components are required and sizes of threads can be maintained in Go-NoGo Gauge
  9. Thin Layer Thickness – From 8 – 15 μm
  10. Coverage of Coating – No uncoated surface/No black spots giving it a long rust proof life.     Dacromet, Dacromet Punjab, Dacromet Ludhiana, Dacromet India

If you have any questions about Varun Advance Coating Zinc Flake Systems or any other coating solutions, please don’t hesitate to ask for our advice we are always there to help you!